I am Davide, a Product & Interaction Designer, who understands the complexity, the challenges, and the potential of emerging technologies and translate them into products that seamlessly empower people’s lives. I think, we as designers, are able to bridge meaningful technological developments and real-world needs. My ultimate societal impact is to design products that are be able to attend people’s physical needs and adapt to their constant emotional changes. Therefore, my focus in the fields of product and interaction design.

Work in progress
one shoe - model A1

ONE shoe, ONE material, ONE person. All in one shoe!

Designing new interactions inspired by robotic materials.

'one shoe' model A concept coming soon!


Footwear; Auxetics ; Generative Design; 3D printing; Big data; Personalization.

'one shoe' is a footwear concept idea resulted from several emerging technologies combined together. This project consisted in creating a sneaker that is both more sustainable, made from a single material, and personalizable,  fits the dynamic body needs of the wearer.


Footwear; Metamaterials; Generative Design; 3D printing; Big data; Sustainability; Personalization.

FRANK is a robotic material created from an interaction design perspective. This concept material is able sense input touch and output a behavior accordingly. FRANK aims to be a future vision on how users could interact with dynamic and expressive smart materials.


Smart materials; Robotic Materials; Aesthetics of Interaction; Behavior; Exploration; Tactility.

Learning objects: a tangible interaction approach

Neither more nor less. Just right!

Exploratory research on emerging technologies

Skip is a 'smart' lamp that explores the idea of 'training' objects, that are able to learn, through an tangible interaction medium. To teach Skip a certain light preference, an interaction metaphor was created where users can teach the lamp the same way as they train a dog (i.e positive and negative reinforcement).


Tangible, Embodied & Rich Interaction; Smart Objects; Learning Algorithms.

±0 toothbrush is a concept that brings awareness to kids regarding the importance of brushing their teeth. Through its ergonomic body design, and the seamless integration of a container to hold tartar disclosure liquid, this toothbrush set, is a perfect choice for children to improve their oral hygiene.


Toothbrush; Ergonomics; Children.

This page is focus on short term projects that consisted in gaining knowledge of different topics of emerging technologies such as smart materials, additive manufacturing, learning algorithms, or new interaction design paradigms.


Metamaterials; Shape-change; Research; Interaction Design; Exploration .

A new digital experience for CNC machines

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WOS is a software for CNCs aiming to improve how users interact with these complex machines. The new interface is more intuitive,  presents a faster working flow, and is able to manage all the production process. All that with a new aesthetic layout that brings a futuristic touch to the experience.


GUI; Digital Interface; UX; UI; Layout; CNC.

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Product Design; Interaction Design.

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