I am Davide, a Product & Interaction Designer, who understands the complexity, the challenges, and the potential of emerging technologies and translate them into products that seamlessly empower people’s lives. I think, we as designers, are able to bridge meaningful technological developments and real-world needs.


My ultimate societal impact is to design products that are be able to adjust to people’s physical needs and adapt to our constant emotional changes. To achieve that a set of skills and knowledge is needed. Therefore, my education was dedicated in the bachelor to traditional practices of product design and in the master’s to future practices of interaction design. Today, I’m a designer with a strong knowledge of Industrial Design processes, Interaction Design principles, Computational Design tools (e.g. generative and parametric design), concepts of Intelligent Systems (e.g. IoT and AI), materials innovation, and digital and physical prototyping tools.


My passion for design comes from the opportunity to explore, create, and solve challenges that people face when using daily products and spaces. And of course, for all those Eureka moments that happen throughout the design process.


Being a designer allows me to create impact on people through the conception of products that fit their needs, empower their lives or connect to their loved ones. It enables me to build their perception of physical, digital, and emotional ‘worlds’ through the design of physical products.

Product & Interaction Designer





Teaching assistant, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2018

Employment - Mentoring undergraduate students in the course of Aesthetics of Interaction.


UNiD magazine, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2017-2018

Volunteer - Graphic design; Layout; Photography.


Teaching assistant, Eindhoven, the Netherlands 2017

Employment - Mentoring undergraduate students in the course of Marketing Research & Design Methods.


d2 Technology, Braga, Portugal, 2014 - 2016

Employment - Product design; Rendering; Visual design; Graphic user interface design.


ADN Design, Bilbao, Spain, 2014

Internship - Product design; Sketching concepts; UX.


MCG Carpentry, Barcelos, Portugal, 2010-2011

Internship & Freelancer - Designing furniture, kitchens and other interior spaces; Rendering, Concepts.



TU/e, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2016 - 2018

Industrial Design Master's - Intelligent systems; Smart materials, Interaction design.


TEI Athens, Athens, Greece, 2013-2014

Erasmus - Product design; Interior design.


IPCA, Barcelos, Portugal, 2011-2014

Industrial Design Bachelors - Product design; Manufacturing processes; Ergonomics; History of design.


ESAF, Barcelos, Portugal, 2007- 2010

Equipment Design Highschool - Design of equipments; Design basics; Ergonomics; Technical drawing.


Awards & exhibitions

Dutch Design Week 2018 - Mind the Step

Exhibition of the research project Mechanical Metamaterials and the ONE shoe project.


DUDE magazine by BNO, 2018 - #3 issue

Selected and published as one of the 30 best graduates projects of the Netherlands with the research project Mechanical Metamaterials for footwear.


TEI Conference 2019 - Tempe, Arizona, USA

Award for 'Best Hybrid Material Implementation' and also elected as 'Attendees' Choice'.

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