Rendering & CMF

Plus minus Zero ergonomic water bottle - disassembled.

Render for d2 Technology - Stone Scan.

Render for d2 Technology - five axis head of CNC machine for wood cutting, drilling and milling.

Render for d2 Technology - Monster 5 - 5 axis CNC milling and cutting machine.

Render for d2 Technology - Saturn Edge, stone edge polishing machine.

Render for d2 Technology - Monster 3, three axis CNC milling machine.

Render for d2 Technology - Monster 5 twin bed, five axis CNC milling and cutting machine.

'one shoe' project - render of the shoe in user's feet.

Intaste project - render of the spices container in kitchen environment.

Render for d2 Technology - Simulation of Monster 2 in clients factory.


Shoe 3D modeling in Rhinoceros

GH definition of a system that generates shoe soles according to image of foot pressure.

Using Magics to clean and fix geometries in STL files for 3D printing

3D modeling and assembling M2T machine - d2 Technology.

Rendering and creating material color and textures in Keyshot.

3D Modeling in Autodesk Fusion 360.


Sketching of a shoe using auxetic materials. Sketchbook for iPad pro.

Sketching of a light controller. Sketchbook for iPad pro.

Sketching of a car seat. Sketchbook for iPad pro.

Hand sketching. Ideation phase from the project waterdist.

Hand sketching. Storyboard of user's journey for Suru project.


Persuasive lighting system, is a project about creative electronics. We speculate on a system that would allow users to punish others through the light when people were making too much noise in environments such as libraries or open working spaces.

3D printed midsole with Filaflex (TPE) material on an Ultimaker 2.

Foam hand modeling of an hairdryer.

Graphic & Visual

Graphics for UNiD magazine - Career interview with Jasper de Kuiff about sound design.

Graphics for UNiD Magazine - Illustration about the future of sound landscapes in cities.

Graphics for UNiD magazine - Into the wild - Illustration about Design Academy Eindhoven.

Icons language for d2 Technology.

Studio photography - Portrait: Selected picture for UNiD magazine (centerfold).

Studio photography - Portrait

Studio photography - Shapes of Smoke

Studio photography - High Speed Photography: Ink on water.

Studio photography - Artistic Nude

Close up - Reflection of sun in water drops

Fairytale of Edessa - Edessa waterfalls

Long exposure - Light Painting

Glow festival '16 - Dance of the Lights

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