A new digital experience for CNC machines

Work Operative System (WOS) is an OS developed by d2 Technology to improve the working experience of users who deal everyday  with a CNC machine in the stone industry. For more than a decade in the business, as a CNC manufacture, d2 Technology has gathered several insights throughout the years on problems with user’s dealing with complicated machine interfaces which showdown work and communication in the factories. Due to the a complicated learning curve that these user’s face, but also to the programs limitation in growing and receiving updates (i.e modularity). These insights made the company aware of the market gap and therefore the company decided to give the first step toward creating an intuitive, fresh, and yet futuristic version of a new interface for CNC’s in the stone sector. WOS brings great improvements, a new aesthetic, and a new interaction paradigm to how CNC workers deal with these machines in their daily jobs.


Get inspired by dark themes, color palettes, neon aqua blue, lines, graphs, typeface, layouts, and data visualization.

For this project, I was heavily inspired by the GFXs from the movie 'Oblivion'. Gmunk, the brilliant graphics art director behind the film, designed an interface that mesmerized me by the level of detail, minimalism, and yet futuristic look of the several GUIs  found throughout the epic Sci-fi movie.

Wireframe & Color

Quick exploration sketches of the WOS wireframe and icons.


WOS software in the CNC M2 model

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